Which material is best for your project?

Different material can bring you different attributes, such as water proof, stainless, etc. There is a sticker material comparison form between our 3 different sticker material :

Best : PVC, Second Best : Synthetic, Third Best : Paper


Characteristic Mirrorkote sticker
(Paper material)
Synthetic sticker
(Synthetic material)
PVC sticker
(Plastic material)
Window Sticker
(Plastic material)
Waterproof No Yes! Yes! Yes!
Smudge-proof Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
Condensation-proof (Minor) Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
Scratch proof (Against penknife, sharp objects) No No Yes Yes

Tear proof
No Yes Yes Yes
Adhesive property Dry adhesive Dry adhesive Dry adhesive Static, non-stick
Reusability No
Might be less effective, and leave some stick marks
Might be less effective, and leave some stick marks
Printed on
Surface Under lamination Underneath Surface

Double sided printing
No No No Translucent
Bright and sharp colour

N/A N/A Sticker best used on light
coloured surfaces
Translucent colour
ANY sizes!
(Up to A3 max)
Maximum A4

Die-cut shape

ANY shapes!
Square or rectangle

MOQ (Minimum
order quantity) : Just ONE single piece


It is durable, glossy, beautiful, cheap, with the only downside that it is not water proof - but fear not, it will not smudge upon contact with water, just that it is not suitable for use with prolonged contact with water.


Synthetic sticker is manufactured using oil-based synthetic resins (plastic).
Synthetic sticker, like plastic, is water resistant and tear resistant.


Waterproof PVC sticker is more commonly used than paper sticker, as it is waterproof, hard to tear, has bright radiant color, and is cheap. but please note, we do digital printing, thus all “white” / “transparent” colour will be printed as nothing – thus take the background colour of silver / gold!